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Implementation of a project is the step where all the properly planned activities are put into action. (Fangel, M. 1998). Usually project implementation process involves preparing, deployment, maintaining and use of the final product of the project. Project managers and sometimes project team members are committed to controlling and monitoring project implementation process. Project team helps to run project evaluation process which precedes project implementation process. Project evaluation process includes performing a complete analysis of customer's needs and requirements and results in forming the definition of one or more projects to be implemented.

Community development has an explicit and implicit goal for the people, aiming to achieve, through collective effort, a better life that has occurred throughout history. In the United States in the 1960s, the term "community development" began to complement and generally replace the idea of urban renewal, which typically focused on physical development projects often at the expense of working-class communities. The “concrete” benefits of community development, such as employment and infrastructure, come through people changing attitudes, mobilising existing skills, improving networks, thinking differently about problems, and using community assets in new ways. Community development improves the situation of a community, not just economically, but also as a strong functioning community in itself.

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