Recalculating Route

Choices: Story Six

By Beth Carpenter

Smashwords Edition

Copyright Beth Carpenter 2013

Chapter 1

Ben looked toward the shoulder, at a small car parked up ahead, trunk standing open. The car was old and battered, a car top carrier strapped to the roof. “Looks like a woman alone. I’d better stop.”

“Are you sure it’s safe? I’ve heard of carjackings that use women for bait.” Marsha examined the area beyond the mowed shoulder strip of the road but didn’t see a sign of anyone lurking there.

Ben signaled and pulled onto the shoulder just ahead of the stopped car. He turned toward Marsha. “If it were you stranded, I’d hope some one would stop.”

Marsha nodded. “Good point.” She reached into the back seat and snapped a leash onto Lindy’s collar before getting out of the car.

After checking for traffic, Ben stepped from his car and walked back toward the disabled vehicle. “Hi. Having some trouble?”

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