The Last Election


We claim to live in a democratic society, largely due to the fact that we have elections, but is it really democratic? Is merely voting in a Government having our say, or are we hoodwinked into the illusion of it? How much of a voice do we have in the long period between elections? About one day in a thousand is ours to cast a vote in. The rest are for pollies to ignore us. What are the odds of that ever changing?

Pollies are Politicians. I usually take the lazy route with words, seeing I’m practically a two-finger typist.

There’s an old saying that goes something like “if voting mattered, politicians wouldn’t have anything to do with it”. I agree. Voting doesn’t matter, so long as we only vote for pollies. What this book will attempt is to show that pollies are even less relevant than voting for them. Democracy is a misnomer and we drastically need a new model – before someone picks up a gun. In an information age, we have the power to vote regularly on many important issues – not just once every three years on who gets the front bench and who is relegated to the backbench. We can dispense with voting for people and begin voting for issues. The book’s title only refers to elections. In a true democracy we would have many more referendums, where we really have a say. Do politicians have a part in this new way? Not at all. We don’t need them.

Before I continue let me say a little about myself, and where I’m coming from. I am Eric Lawton (should be on the cover but I adopted the pen name of Horry Plotter for a previous book – a lousy marketing ploy that wasn’t worth the effort). Very few people have heard of me – for good reason - I have never been involved in politics and my first book only reached friends and relatives. I have about 160 in the garage. The only reason I vote is to avoid the fine. For most of my life I have had no interest in party politics. Incidentally, that life spans half a century – yes, I’m an old codger. I have always read the paper and watched the news, taking a general interest in world events, but tuned out when politics was the issue. So, if it was about an election or anything remotely political I ignored it, and if it was a decision to send troops to Iraq I noted troops were going to Iraq, but any political aspect of the PM’s decision meant nothing to me. World events were the points of interest. That’s why I never watch the ABC News or read The Australian. Having no interest in politics doesn’t mean I don’t care about the state of the nation. I have five children and dearly want to reverse the spiralling trend towards that banana republic Paul Keating predicted for us about a decade ago, for their sakes. My reasoning is; getting involved in the organisation that is the root cause won’t help. If it can’t be healed, it must be amputated. This book is all about amputation.

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