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The Soul Project Part-6

The Loss of The Article

By Michael Arnold

Copyright 2013 Michael Arnold

Smashwords Edition

Kaleen’s stare was unbreakable; her grin stern before a tight-lipped scowl took over. This told not a new story but one that had been written and spoken since Mel’s death in Desert Boulder and continued on from chapter to chapter as she lived in this foreign world alone. This story wasn’t scripted, edited, or formatted to fit any audience but to fit those who were the creator of the story, those who made the story what it was; the introduction, the plot, and the conclusion, those people – if such should be the way to describe them – being the Borlicks and Doc E. Reynolds.

What she had done, why she did it, and when the life of Doc E. Reynolds came to a stunning end, made the events, which she witnessed firsthand, slightly more bearable. She chuckled to herself at the recollection of what she heard and saw on the hazy screen of her memories. Squatting down at the top of a sculpture, she had just missed the big show from the team of Mr. Draftsman, Galvin, and Zion, dismantling every Abstractor and the end of Dr. Edwards, who now lay absent from life and burnt to a crisp in death.

There wasn’t any vigorous applause or extended cheers of praise that came from what Kaleen saw from the top of the sculpture, but what she saw, scattered across the ground in their own blood and wounds – dead – were Abstractors. Her scowl turned up to a half grin but that wasn’t enough, for the even-tempered girl turned vigilante, wanted more. She wanted to feed the hunger of vengeance living and thirsting for violence inside her. She wanted to grow in its strength and power, she wanted to know that the feelings she felt for the loss of her planet, Mel’s death, Seven’s destruction and Eisenhower’s end, wasn’t just going to go away. There had to be repercussions, some innocent person had yet to experience her pain of loss, her hurt, her disappointment. She wanted her suffering to be caught, like a common cold, by anyone who came in contact with her.

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