Alex Draven

Published by Alex Draven on Smashwords, August 2013.
Copyright Alex Draven, 2013.

"Can I ask you a favour?"

Rhys wasn't the first guy from Micky's hall to knock on his door and ask to borrow stuff for Halloween. He was just the first guy where Micky might be willing to say yes.

They'd only been sharing a hall of residence for six weeks -- a whole lo-rise building full of first-years -- but Micky's reputation as the resident goth was already established. Most of the time that meant, at best, they ignored him, and at worst, he was treated to stupid notes taped to his room door and people yelling "goffick" or worse at him. Except when Halloween fell on a Friday night, and then, all of a sudden, Micky was the go-to guy. Apparently.

No way was Micky lending his stuff to a bunch of football playing, beer-swilling townies.

Rhys was different.

Rhys was …

Rhys was standing in Micky's bedroom, slouching with his hands in his pockets, biting his lip and trying not to look around while being totally, burningly, casually hot. Not that Micky had given much time to thinking about how hot Rhys I'm-taking-Mechanical-Engineering-but-I-like-to-draw Summers was or anything. Much.

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