What People Are Saying About Climbing the Sacred Ladder

“Shulamit Sofia is a seasoned seeker and devotee steeped in studies of Psychology, Mysticism, in general, and Kabbalah in particular. In using the four worlds schema of the Kabbalah, she has offered a very practical and effective way to gain soul strength. If you work with it, it works for you. The Book is Good.”
Reb Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, Founder of Aleph and Spiritual Leader of the Jewish Renewal Movement; author of numerous books including From Aging to Saging and Davening

Climbing the Sacred Ladder is a comprehensive, wise, and useful manual for personal spiritual growth. Shulamit Sofia draws on Neo-Kabbalistic and contemporary esoteric traditions for expanding consciousness. She adds to this, her own extensive knowledge of psychotherapy, and serves us an imaginative and practical manual for our own evolution. This is a lush and creative contribution.”
Rabbi Lawrence Kushner, The Emanu-El Scholar, Congregation Emanu-El, San Francisco, California; author of a score of books on Jewish spirituality and Kabbalah.

“An inspired prescription for healing the human soul, Climbing the Sacred Ladder provides brilliant instructions for the step-by-step ascension to full spiritual realization. Structured upon this powerful metaphor for human development and informed by ancient sources of wisdom, this book is a concise and practical manual to anyone seeking remedy for the pain and alienation from the sacred which marks modern society. As a physician who daily encounters the ailments of body and spirit besieging people today, I am particularly grateful for this most needed and welcome resource. Author Shulamit Sofia writes with compassion and authority, enlivening and validating her work with relevant case studies and parables from many cultures. While grounded primarily in traditions of Judaism and Kabbalah, the approach is wonderfully universalistic in nature, drawing the essential themes and messages from Biblical and mystical sources. This is a book that you will read and re-read many times, returning to the practical exercises designed to fully develop the soul and ultimately achieve the attainment of its purpose. I highly recommend this book for anyone who is ready to begin (or continue!) this sacred task.”
Tricia Hellman Gibbs, MD
, Co-Founder, San Francisco Free Clinic; author of the novel A New Song (alias Sarah Isaias)

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