Another Path to Infinity

By Meyari McFarland

"One more try," Exie said just as she had the last four times. "I'll give it one more try and then I'll go home."

She started walking, the web of shimmering lights that were the trees around her fading as she committed herself to the path. Exie allowed that world to fade from her mind, opening to the next world in the chain of aleya. It would be a near twin to Benella's world, only a few minor details different from what Exie had known in her months there. Given that, there was no reason to stop and check. Benella's sister in another world would be too similar to make it possible.

"Someone like my Tivian," Exie prayed as she walked the paths of infinity. "Someone kind. Someone astute. Someone who can kick my ass when I'm being an idiot. Tivian was always so good at making me see my stupid mistakes."

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