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Copyright © Leonard H. Le Blanc III

Published and distributed by Leonard H. Le Blanc III. For more copies please contact him at: JUSMAGTHAI, P. O. BOX R3521, APO AP 96546-5000, USA or P. O. BOX 122, 27 SUKHUMVIT SOI 10, SUKHUMVIT ROAD, KLONG TOEY, BANGKOK 10110, THAILAND. E-mail: or Tel: +66(0)88-879-2386.

All rights reserved.

Cover designed by Cordi Grebler, Dresden, Germany,

This book is dedicated to those who inspired me to write: Lucian K. Truscott IV (author of ‘Dress Gray’); W. E. B. Griffin (author of ‘The Captains’); Mario Puzo (author of ‘The Godfather’) and Edward F. Murphy (author of ‘Vietnam Medal of Honor Heroes’).

This book is also dedicated to the International Advisors to were assigned to PEP/CNAT Teams and CPI HQs in Kabul: Frank Balazs, Chris Corsten, Rix Mills, Dave Morris, Sue Jordan, R. Keith Ogden, Mike Paul, Chidi Ugonna and Mike Cahill; to the UK civilian and military professionals assigned to Task Force Helmand (TFH), Camp Bastion British Base in Lashkar Gah: Ms Sakeena Alam, Dr Lorna Hall, Adam Rutland, SGTMAJ Lynn Kamm and Ms. Sandra Khadhouri and to Danish Army CAPT A. C. (never did find out what the initials meant), plus everyone working for PEP/CNAT in Helmand Province, Mr Mahmoud Maihani (Team Leader), Mr Saleem Zmarial (Public Information Officer), Mr Ziaulhaq Zia (Alternative Livelihoods Officer), Mr Jan Kaliwal (Alternative Livelihoods Officer), Mr Aslam Rahimi (Monitoring and Verification officer) and Mr Gul Ahmad Mehraban (Monitoring and Verification Officer) and Mr Humayun Bayani (Interpreter/Translator) and the other staff members at the Lashkar Gah PEP compound. All fought the good fight and should have been honored.

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