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Pam headed upstairs. Mom was not in the bathroom, but she was surprised to see her mother’s bedroom door closed. She listened carefully and heard moans from the other side. For a moment she thought her mother might be in trouble, but just before she opened her door, she heard her moan, “Eric!”

Pam quickly ran across the hall to her room and shut the door, leaving it open just a crack to peek out.

A few moments later, her mother’s door opened and her mother came out, followed by Eric. They walked down the hall and were gone.

Pam snuck back across the hall to her mother’s door and peered in. Everything in the room was perfectly neat, as if nothing had been disturbed, but the smell of sex filled the air. Eric had fucked her mother.

Pam hurried downstairs and saw Eric alone at the buffet table, piling a plate full of food.

“Hi, Eric,” Pam smiled as he crammed food into his face.

“Pam,” he nodded, and walked to the table. Pam sat in the chair next to his, facing him, and watched him eat.

“What do you see in my Mom?”

“She’s a very beautiful woman. Why?”

“Do you love her?”

“Of course.”

“Do you like fucking her?”

He suddenly stopped eating and stared at her with a blank face, but only for a moment.

“Absolutely,” he smiled. “I like fucking beautiful women.”

“Like me?”

Pam noticed a slight twitch in his trousers. She parted her thighs, letting him see up her skirt to her panties. Her crotch was wet. She breathed in deep and strained her breasts against her blouse.

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