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Remember the time you’re still in prep school and the teachers will ask you what you want to be? I remember the time when I thought my dream is unique. That my dream is above all. So high that only I can achieve it, I thought kids my age never think the same as I do. I thought I’m smarter.

1st grade the time that I want it all. Best in art, music, math, science and even PE. Basically i want to be the best in everything so I can catch my dream easily.And there is always a boy who agreed with me. 8th grade and the teachers asked us what we want to be when we grow up. I answered the same thing that I answered when I was still in prep school, Ofcourse things change I grew up. My proffesor asked me why I wanted to be that. I started blaberring why. it took me whole 15 minutes and I can see my classmates are getting bored, it didn’t surprised me at all. Ofcourse they never think as I do. I am much smarter than they are. I finished 8th grade with honors. I had a speech a speech so meaningful for me but in contrast so meaningless for others. I don’t care if they listen or not.

11th grade they asked us what we wanted to be when we grow up. I smiled. Raised my hand. The teacher called me even though almost all of us raised theirs. Again I stated my dream. The teacher asked why I explained my dream and it took me 5 minutes. I grew up, I learned the art of summarizing. “good” the teacher said and nodded. “Now who’s next”nobody raised their hand maybe they felt stupid about their dream after hearing mine.”You” The teacher pointed. After his name being called he stood up so furiously that the chair flew and bumped the chair behind it. What an asshole. “I want to live in a coffin” I coughed at his response and my classmates laughed. “I want to live in a coffin!” I mocked. “why?” asked the teacher. “We are all gonna die anyway so why waste time?” again I coughed at his response but there is no laughter that followed it. My proffesor nodded not knowing what to say next. 56 minutes had passed we are all silent. So silent that I think I’m gonna go deaf. I cant wait till this period ends only 4 more minutes and I’m free. I kept tapping my pen in my desk so hard that it annoyed everybody. I stopped for a while and i smiled at everybody. I kept my pen. And took out a pencil instead, and begun to tap my desk. Anton got pissed off and walked out. He deserves it after the coffin thing hapenned.

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