Gabe loses his leg in the Second World War and his heart to a woman when he returns…but is she the ‘right’ woman?

Flinging open the door to glare at whoever was there, she gazed into chocolate brown eyes with golden specks—the same eyes that looked back at her every day. Shocked, she drew in a deep breath. No, it couldn’t be.

But it was. There was no mistake; this man was her niece’s father.

Her heart raced as she focused on his handsome face. Lynne sure had good taste. Then again, she always had. She’d been the pretty one. The popular one. The one up on the latest fashions.

Angel bit her lower lip, trying to assess the situation. The man was really here! She hadn’t expected that. Maybe sending the letter had been a mistake. She’d certainly had no right to do something that foolhardy. Now she could tell she hadn’t thought it through. She’d acted on instinct. After all, Christy wasn’t her child. But the deed was done and she couldn’t change it now.

“Look, I’m not feeling so great right now.” His face paled and he leaned heavily onto his cane. “Could I sit down somewhere?”

A cane??? Her eyes quickly shifted to take in all of him. He’d been injured?

“Of course! I’m sorry. Please come inside.” She stepped back so he could pass. Slowly she shut the door, her uneasiness growing. Maybe she really shouldn’t have written him that letter.

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