Assassins, Book Three

by V. J. Chambers

Silas Drake doesn’t do commitments. Or second dates. Or guilt.

Yeah, he used to be an assassin. He used to kill people. And yeah, he breaks girls’ hearts on a routine basis. He’s an asshole. So what?

When Rolf, a dangerous man from his past, arrives in Morgantown, Silas is itching to go after him. The only problem is that he’s the best man in his friends’ Griffin’s and Leigh’s wedding, which is a time-consuming distraction.

Things get more complicated when Silas finds out that the random girl he took home the night before is actually Griffin’s little sister, Christa. For some reason, Griffin isn’t keen on Silas’ getting involved with her.

When Rolf captures both Silas and Christa, he uses them in deadly game of cat and mouse, hunting them down for his own entertainment. They’re in the woods, on the run. Rolf has a gun, and he’s chasing them.

Silas has to do everything in his power to protect Christa.

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