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Test Pilot

John H. Carroll

Published by John H. Carroll at Smashwords

Copyright 2009 John H. Carroll

Revised 2011 John H. Carroll

Cover image Copyright 2010 John H. Carroll

Cover font - “Cyberpunk Is Not Dead” by Aurelius.

This story is dedicated to the emo bunnies who would like very much to ride in a spaceship.

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About the Author

“Who named this place ‘Moonbase City’? That’s a ridiculous name for a place even if it is a city on the moon. If The Company let me name it, we’d have a good name like . . . Godiva Glow City, or . . . Batcave City or something cool like that.” Captain Gregg Johnson sipped on his coffee as he stared at the private who had come to escort him to the spaceport. They were waiting for the tram to take them there.

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