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Building on the Temple Mount 22

Temple Mount '100% Islamic' 23

Warning: 'Any action that offends holy site will be answered by 1.5 billion Muslims' 23

Chapter 3 Identifying the Promise Seed 32

Exodus 6:3 - was God's name Yahweh known before the time of Moses 39

Interpretation of earlier passages 41

Chapter 4 The Archer 51

Chapter 5 A Preserved Remnant 66


We have dedicated this work to resolve and end years of war between two blessed descendants of Abraham. Isaac and Ishmael the sons of Abraham were promised great things by Yahweh their Heavenly Father. The two brothers who many say were in oppositions two one another have no scriptural foundation for their teachings. There are no accounts in scripture of Isaac or Ishmael having animosity toward one other. The two brothers after the death of their father lived in peace, and scripture shows their children even married one another. The only account we have in scripture of a conflict is in the book of Judges were the Midianites who are identified as Ishmaelites lived and commingled together.

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