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She stared at the sprawling body of a woman in the water.

'She is down there,' the voice whispered, stiffening the hairs on the back of Kate's neck. No! She slams down the lid of her laptop computer. That was where the picture and sound had come from. But it doesn't help. On her first vacation ever, Kate is plagued by visions she doesn't want. Now she has no choice but to place her trust in a Colorado sheriff, who wants to be more than a friend, even though Kate has serious doubts about his motives.

In the sequel to One...Two...Buckle My Shoe, Death Has No Dominion takes the reader on a journey into the mind of a psychopathic killer. And the reluctant psychic detective, Kate Macklin, is the only one with any chance to stop him from unleashing his insatiable thirst for vengeance.


In Death Has No Dominion (love the title!) by P. K. Paranya, which is a sequel to One...Two...Buckle My Shoe, this time reluctant psychic Kate Macklin is taking a long-deserved vacation, or so she thinks. Traveling on a train through the Colorado Rockies, Kate gets another cryptic message from her computer: "She's down there." It's the last thing that Kate wants or needs to hear. But despite her desperate desire to do so, she cannot let the message that a woman has been murdered go unanswered. So Kate hops off the train and into the frying pan, so to speak. She takes up residence in a small hotel in a small Colorado town and runs into the small town sheriff, who takes an unseemly interest in her. Is he trying to help her solve the murder, or is he trying to shut her up? She doesn't know, and neither do we. That is part of Paranya's brilliance. I love the way she develops her characters. They seem so human and real. -- Taylor Jones, reviewer

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