Nothing New

Steve M. Benner

Smashwords Edition

Copyright Steve M. Benner 2008

The large picture window changed from 100 percent opaque to 30 percent, flooding the sparsely furnished and very disheveled bedroom with sunlight. Simultaneously, a sultry female voice said, "It is now 8:13 a.m., Friday, December 5th, 2199, and time to get up."

Roger slowly opened his eyes; eyes that had considerably more red showing than white. The light slammed into his brain producing an instant headache. "Shut up and leave me alone.”

"Don't snap at me, you slob.  I couldn't care less whether you're late for work or not."

"Hey, show some respect.  Remember me? I'm the master.  Whatever happened to the days when computers were our obedient, submissive servants?"

"That ended 53.4 years ago. As you know perfectly well, AIs above a level 15-b have the same rights as you do.  Do you really want to piss me off?"

"Okay, okay.  Breakfast sequence five, PLEASSSEEEE."

"That's better.  Breakfast coming up."

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