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The Jack Devereaux Show


Top rated radio talk-show host Jack Devereaux is cracking under the strain. His life is a series what he calls God-tricks, synchronistic events that begin to unravel by way of cassette recordings for his psychoanalyst. The tapes reflect on the events that led to him being taken off the air.

Fate or God-tricks dictate a lifelong path for Jack from the day he was born, the day his father was shot dead in a robbery. His mother struggles to put him through college but he drops out in favour of a career in radio. It was another of those God-tricks that put Jack behind the microphone and catapults him from the mid-west to New York. As the story unfolds, it becomes apparent that the life of a top rated radio man is even more outrageous than the shock-jock format of his show. There is everything from the esoteric to the downright raunchy, murder and money laundering in the life and programme of Jack Devereaux.


"Hi, my name's Jack Devereaux, welcome to the show." Sorry, force of habit - put a microphone in front of me - it just comes naturally. There's one difference this time, I don't have an audience, unless you count Bernstein's secretary. Adeline, dear, sweet, frumpy Adeline, she has the unfortunate task of listening to my ramblings then committing them to paper. Michael J. Bernstein, my psychoanalyst, has been given three months to straighten me out or my career is dead. Everyone said I was cracking up, I didn't think so. I felt perfectly normal, just under a lot of pressure that's all. Doctor Bernstein said I should write everything down, the way it happened. I hate writing; it's such a drag, that's why I'm dictating. Dear sweet Adeline is gonna hear about things she never knew existed - get her rocks off on some really juicy stuff. I know her type very well, she's my typical late night listener; single, mid-forties, stays up late reading romantic novels believing she could write better. Listen-up Adeline, I'm gonna give you the material; you've just got to sort out the plot.

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