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Legally Crushed

~Shannon Pearce~

Gay Erotic Romance

Copyright 2010-12-26: Beau to Beau Books

All rights reserved


Included in: Legally Crushed

1. Openers

2. Introduction

3. Legally Crushed



Anton’s crush on Gage is no secret, but Anton is not Gage’s type. Always offering to assist Gage in any way that he can, Anton follows Gage around the office like a little puppy. After working late one night, Gage having desperately needed Anton’s assistance on a project, Gage takes his admirer out for a couple of drinks to show his appreciation. From there, things take an unexpected turn, for Gage, that is.

Book Content:

Gage quickly gathered the clothes which just a few hours earlier he couldn’t seem to rid himself of fast enough, dressed as quickly as he could, and tiptoed quietly out of the room, being very careful not to wake the sleeping stranger lying beside him. Okay, so the guy wasn’t really a stranger. He was Anton from the district attorney’s office where he and Gage both worked as attorneys. But who wanted to wake up next to the geekiest guy he had ever known? It would have been better if the man had been a total stranger, or it would have been easier, anyway.

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