Werewolf’s Threesome

by George Boxlicker

Copyright 2012 by George Boxlicker

Smashwords Edition

Every full moon since they first got together, Richard and Molly have been reveling in the greatest sex imaginable. He is a werewolf and, when he changes from human to his lupine form, he has all the proper body parts to give her the best time any woman ever had in bed. In between full moons, their sex lives are fairly mundane.

One Saturday morning, after a night of incredible sex with her husband in his wolf form, Molly met her best and oldest friend, Rhonda, for breakfast. This was a normal thing; they get together like that at least once a month. The two companions that morning had been roommates and confederates in some wild escapades while in college, and the women have remained bosom buddies ever since, with her friend serving as the Maid of Honor at Molly’s wedding. The favor has never been reciprocated, because Rhonda has never wed, but the two women share all their secrets and all the gossip they have about their former class mates and other mutual acquaintances.

You certainly look happy this morning,” Rhonda remarked to her friend when they took their seats at the table. “Have you been getting it good from your husband?”

She certainly had, especially the night before which, fabulous though it had been, wasn’t even one of the best ever with Richard in his wolf form. Molly was a bit flustered at the question, because she had never talked about the sex life she had with her husband, except in a general way. It wasn’t just a matter of being all that secretive; it was more that she thought the stories about her and Richard would not have been believed.

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