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Candy Lane

A Tale of Selfishness – Hansel and Grethel

Sliver of a Soul

A Tale of Revenge – Rumpelstiltskin

To all the curious minds who wonder how faerytale villains became so villainous.

Candy Lane

A Tale of Selfishness

I know what it is to be alone.

To have nothing.

And I vowed having nothing would never do.

I was an only child. A surprise to my elderly parents. And not a pleasant one. They had resigned themselves decades earlier to never having children, and then one day, I appeared—a squalling baby girl. Smelling of goat’s milk and oatmeal, I disrupted their sleep and taxed their thin resources. Never wealthy, after I appeared my parents became positively destitute.

For the first year of my life, I rarely left my crib. I saw my world through the bars of my bed. I learned to ignore my hunger and accept my confined world. As soon as I could walk, I was put to work. I saw kindness as a reprieve from labor when the sun went down—my parents rarely lit a candle—and mercy as a kick instead of a wallop. Grace had nothing to do with God, but only a teaspoon more of porridge before I sought my bed, and that I had to steal from the pot. Since I knew no more than what I had experienced since I was born, I made no complaints.

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