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What Others Are Saying about This Book…

“Let me tell you about my hero, Archie Willard. As an occupational therapist, I come from the clinician side. Archie of course, comes from the patient side. Our work has overlapped and intersected in many ways. I have interviewed Archie several times for publications and videos as well as having collaborated on projects. Archie and I continue to be passionate advocates for health literacy.”—Helen Osborne, M.Ed, President of Health Literacy Consulting, Founder of Health Literacy Month, Producer and Host of Health Literacy Out Loud

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“I met Archie in 1992 when we traveled to Russia and Estonia with a delegation of thirty other zealots—all of us interested in dyslexia and learning how a different culture views learning disabilities. Archie and I connected immediately. I was attracted to him for his honesty, compassion, intelligence and sense of humor. Archie has inspired me more than I can say. He is one of the most selfless people I’ve met and his story has given others who struggle with learning and reading difficulties hope.” —Margie Gillis, Ed.D. President, Literacy How, Inc., Research Affiliate Haskins Laboratories

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“It has been our pleasure to work closely with Archie for over seven years to address health literacy with Iowa Health System’s Health Literacy Collaborative, and also throughout Iowa and the nation. He still works to improve his reading and is passionate about helping others and continues to work to create a safer, friendlier health delivery system for all especially those who struggle with literacy.” —Mary Ann Abrams, MD, MPH, Health Literacy Medical Advisor

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“Archie Willard has a story to tell that every educator and doctor should read. Archie’s true life account of not being able to read in school and early professional life will hit you in the heart. I was captivated by his struggles and the savvy and hard work he used in overcoming them. Archie’s voice is authentic and tender; I am touched by his vulnerability and awed by his courage and activism. Archie sharing his story has a profound impact on people; he invites us to be aware that we all have secret shames and are more alike than we sometimes think.” —Terry C. Davis, PhD, Professor, Departments of Medicine and Pediatrics, Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center

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