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A Tale of Ugliness – Rapunzel

Giant’s Way

A Tale of Rebellion – Jack and the Beanstalk

To all the curious minds who wonder how faerytale villains became so villainous.


A Tale of Ugliness

I have always been who I am. From the beginning, I was unlovable, born to wear the name “hag.” Though I came into this world with a heart-shaped face, it soon broadened too wide to be endearing. My nose grew too big for my face, and my mouth too thin and nearly lipless. My hair, though flaxen—a color many a maiden went to bed dreaming of possessing—grew fine and hung limp down the sides of my face. When I deemed to pull it back in an effort of looking tidy, I emerged from my dressing table as if I had suddenly grown bald, which is a sight far worse than that of thin, limp, unattractive hair. My only redeeming physical qualities were my enormous, exotic-shaped eyes tinted a startling shade of violet, and my skin. It was unbelievably smooth and the color of whipped honey.

When I was young, my stalwart father, so strong and noble, so pure of heart and honest in his dealings with others, would look deeply into my eyes, stroke my face and marvel at my chubby arms and legs. “How beautiful. Eyes and a complexion to rival any lord’s daughter,” he’d say. And then a frown would appear. “It is too bad the faeries cursed her looks. She will come to naught with that beak riding her countenance.” For even as an infant, my nose never appeared button-like or adorably nubbish.

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