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Please Take Care When You Utter A Curse

100 Limericks by Doug Baird

Copyright 2013 Doug Baird

An intrepid explorer named Owen

Unearthed ruins that he thought were Minoan.

And while camped at his base,

In that faraway place,

He discovered antique protozoan.

A big underworld god [name of Hades]

Had a difficult time with the ladies.

So he set out to fix

The old stigma of Styx,

And he bought a new S-Class Mercedes.

Poor MacManus McDingus McFee

Got some bites late at night from a flea.

And awoke with surprise

To find marks on his thighs,

And some bumps on his rump and his knee.

A mottled old dog we called Spot

Was the scourge of a large vacant lot,

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