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Queen of All

A Tale of Vanity – Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Enemy Inside

A Tale of Haughtiness – King Thrush-Beard

To all the curious minds who wonder how faerytale villains became so villainous.

Queen of All

A Tale of Vanity

There are times in life when humility is warranted. I have never had to use the virtue. Not because I don’t see its value; its use has never applied to me. You see, I am special. I am very beautiful. I am not wrong in saying I am the most beautiful woman ever…or who will ever be. I have always been beautiful. From the moment of my birth, people were enchanted by my comeliness. Skin the color of finest cream; hair silky and dark red; lips full and pink; a nose pert and petite; and large expressive eyes tipped with thick, long lashes. The villagers crowded around me, wanting to hold me, to coo at me and make me smile, for when I smiled, magic happened. The world grew light and gay. Hearts swelled with happiness. Loneliness disappeared and heartache vanished.

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