A Lady Undone: The Pirate’s Captive 7

Simone Holloway

Copyright ©2013 Simone Holloway

First published by Simone Holloway 2013

Distributed by Smashwords

Grace cowered in the corner. She opened her mouth to scream, but no sound emerged. As disgusted and angry Percy made her, he also had a way of paralyzing her with terror.

When he was holding her hostage at his camp on the island, she’d been prepared to attack him. Or, at least, she’d thought she was prepared. Morgan had saved her before she could be tested. Now, as Grace shrunk back into the corner, trembling with fear, she doubted her strength.

Percy stepped towards her. She noticed a slight catch to his gait. He appeared to be injured. Injured animals were the most dangerous, Grace thought as he approached.

She tried to make herself as small as possible. She wanted to close her eyes and disappear; but she forced herself to look at him. She needed to see this man for who he was: a deadly, controlling brute with a veneer of class.

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