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Britney's peers were all wary of her because she seemed such a contradiction, reserved almost to the point of shyness in their company but quite open and voluble if there were older people present. In the college refectory she would be as hushed as in the library, sometimes sitting apart, more usually placing herself on the periphery of a group but never joining in with the customary chat and banter; in the library she would be as quiet as a mouse, silent and studious; in the interludes between classes she would be serene and self-contained, head bowed to avoid eye contact, books clutched tightly to her chest. In the classes themselves, though, in the seminars and tutorials, she would suddenly open up, like a fruit or a flower which had ripened and blossomed, radiant with enthusiasm, bright with interest.

It was Beverley who first suggested the correllation, who spotted the coincidence that what was common to Britney's silent sombre spells was them, herself and her friends, Britney's peers.

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