Psychic Self Defense

By Kathy Cybele

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Copyright 2011

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Psychic Self Defense & Protective Magick

There is an old adage that states, “Ignorance is bliss,” in regards to the occult this adage holds true. Before you begin to walk down the path of occult knowledge you can walk though the mundane world pretty much unmolested by forces outside your understanding. But the moment you read your first occult book or attended your first class you turned on a light on the other side of existence. Now you are aware of other powers in the universe and they are aware of you.

As you progress down this path you will come in contact with spirits, energies and other students of the occult who may not always wish you well, and while a well thought out and focused psychic attack is extremely rare, it is still a good idea to study and practice the art of psychic self defense.

Your first defense against psychic attack is your natural shielding, also known as your aura.

The aura is an energy field that surrounds everything. Individuals who can see auras see them as an active energy field, which typically extends a few inches from the body. By observing the aura’s color and shape, these individuals can tell many things about a person, including their current disposition, past injuries and even karmic events.

Because the aura is an energy shield many things can affect and weaken it. These things include: illness, lack of good nutrition or sleep, environmental pollutants, drugs, depression, anger, and dealing with difficult or aggressive individuals.

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