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Candle Magick
(Magick Classes – Lecture Notes)

Kathy Cybele

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Copyright 2011

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Candle Magick


Candle magick is a part of many modern day celebrations, including weddings, Hanukkah, and anniversaries. Many people don’t even realize that they are performing candle magick at least once per year. Have you ever heard, “Make a wish, and blow out your candles!”

The simplest candle magick involves a candle and your focused intent. The most complex candle magick can include days of preparation, the creation of candles, special oils, incense, and weeks of rituals performed at the same time of day. Both of these methods can be equally effective.

Cautions – Before You Start

As with any magick you perform, you must always consider the Wiccan Rede which states, “An’ it harm none, do as ye will.” This means you should strive to do nothing to harm another or yourself. If you plan on using a spell to force another to do something against their will, then you are harming them. This includes healing another person without their permission. It may be their will to be sick and by healing them you are forcing them to be healthy. So before you begin a spell, think carefully about whom you are affecting and if you are attempting to force your will upon another.

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