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© 2005, 2008, 2013 by Kenneth Kerns.

All rights are reserved.

This book is a work of fiction. Any similarity to real characters or incidents is purely coincidental.

ISBN-13: 9781301983285 (Smashwords edition)

Smashwords edition, ebook, published in August 2013.


For my friends and coworkers, who encouraged me throughout this process to keep at it and enjoyed watching me sweat through it all. I also want to thank and dedicate this book to the University of Florida for the three years of my life that gave inspiration to this novel.

Chapter One

ONCE UPON A TIME, there was a group of prominent college students who were noticed by the state leadership in Florida as people to watch. They created a Student Government for this group and tapped them with the best jobs, the best spouses, and the best lives, one could hope for after they left college. This group fulfilled their destiny by taking power in the state. However, they developed an unusual but reasonable desire to perpetuate their influence. They, in turn, drew into their circle the next generation of student leaders, by giving them the power to control Homecoming at the largest university in the state.

To ensure that future leaders could be identified early and this power could be consolidated, the circle publicly promoted their strength in networking among those most obsessed with their meaningless resumes – freshmen. They quickly assumed control of the largest organizations and reigned in the campus student government.

As the generations went by, with more wealth and power and opportunity than they had any reason to deserve in their adult careers, the circle’s membership grew complacent. Their public image faded as the old Solid South confronted civil rights and the sexual revolution. Florida became a two-party state, at a time when most of the circle had been Dixiecrats. Forced to regroup, they retained enough influence and money to put ambitious and talented members into power regardless of the party label, but could no longer put a mindless anybody into office.

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