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David L Atkinson

Copyright David L Atkinson 2013

Published by Smashwords

Chapter 1

Having often heard the rain in Ireland variously described as ‘soft’ and ‘warm’ I now had evidence of what was meant by that. Lying in a place of concealment in Eire just south of the border with Northern Ireland I was not cold but felt extremely wet. It was going through my mind that maybe I’d gotten hold of the wrong end of the stick.

It was just leaving 06:00 in early October 2016 and while waiting I had time to reflect on my situation. My name is Patrick A Steele I was originally from the north east of England although I’m now variously based in Yorkshire and northern France. I used to be an accountant but because of a bit of a chequered history I was now employed sorting out situations that the authorities, for various reasons, were no longer capable of resolving. The police, in the form of Detective Inspector Kathryn Best, suspected me of something but they didn’t really have a clue. If only they knew!

After I’d carried out a few of my own redressing tasks, giving ordinary people ‘real’ justice, I was recruited in a roundabout sort of way by a group calling themselves the ‘Gurentai’. They were a sub group of the Japanese Yakuza, a mafia style organisation that spent centuries making money from the proceeds of crime. The Gurentai were a version of Robin Hood’s Merry Men who used the proceeds purloined by the Yakuza to help the needy in society. They are still in existence as are the Yakuza, although the relationship is not at all close. The recruiting officer who picked me up was one Takuo Sumisu and he had tested me and not found me wanting so I was given tasks, assignments that were along similar lines to the activities I’d already been involved with. We’d worked together on some significant plots on a national scale but as a small team backed by technical guys and ‘foot soldiers’ who usually remained anonymous. There were usually just the three of us Takuo, myself and the incredibly skilful and quite delectable Miss Naomi Kobayashi. After we’d worked together on a few jobs Naomi had become much closer and a sexual relationship was and still is in full swing but our situation up until recently had precluded anything more.

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