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What Others are Saying about A Better World

A Better World provides a useful framework for diversity practitioners who are involved in the day-to-day challenge to help others succeed in diverse and multicultural environments. The authors provide a new perspective on the continuous journey of adapting to new cultural contexts within the structure of complex organizations.”

~Anthony Newkirk, Manager - Employee Relations & Diversity, WakeMed Health and Hospitals

A Better World presents an innovative approach to diversity training, focusing on underlying core beliefs rather than the superficial behavior and conduct.”

~Jim Reed, President, Ravenswood Castle, LLC

“I never thought one could breathe life into a computer and share a tale of invaluable examples and concepts that directly connect to a human’s POS (personal operating system). A Better World is a riveting read that allows a person to get to the core of human values through an interesting comparison of computer systems and human behavior. If the goal is to better ourselves, let this book inspire you to build your own antivirus software and firewall to help people truly succeed in today’s evolving society.”

~André F. Hewitt, Esq., Chief Operating Officer of Game-U and Senior Dale Carnegie Trainer

A Better World:

Understanding How Your Personal Operating System

Affects Culture, Diversity & Inclusion

Les Helms * Daniel A. Houston * James A. White Sr.

Foreword by Edwin J. Nichols, Ph.D.

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