Media Literacy: Three Perspectives from the Public Schools

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Table of Contents

1. Harry Costner, Exemplary Project Coordinator, Middle School

2. Jennifer Goen, English Ten and Advanced Placement English Language and Composition, High School

3. John Stewart, Instructional Lead Teacher, Middle School

4. References

5. The Authors


Harry Costner

Exemplary Project Coordinator

Teacher, New Media Specialist

Why Media Literacy?

The on-demand generation is here. We all live in a constantly connected world. Rapid changes in technology are offering new ways for people to interact, access information, and learn. As educators preparing students to navigate this complex world, we must ensure that schools keep pace and successfully deliver “life skills necessary for full participation in our media saturated, information rich society.” (Hobbs, 2010) The 2009 Knight Commission report, Informing Communities: Sustaining Democracy in the Digital Age, is very clear when it states, “the time to bring digital and media literacy into the mainstream of American communities is now.” (Knight, 2009)

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