A Rebellious Spirit: Daniel Tracey


Evelyn Cohoon Dreiling


Copyright by Evelyn Cohoon Dreiling - 2013

Smashwords Edition

Cover: Illustration by Evelyn Cohoon Dreiling - August 2013

Dr. Daniel Tracey delivering a campaign speech on an unfinished monument base in Place d'Armes, Montreal, in 1832. Background shows the old Notre Dame church with the new Notre Dame church under construction beside it. Bottom of image shows typical log cabin in the village of St. Colomban, Quebec, near St. Jerome - in early 19th century.

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Chapter One - Traceys in Ireland

Chapter Two - Bound for America

Chapter Three - Montreal, 1825

Chapter Four - Lead-up to a Rebellion - 1828

Chapter Five - Dr. Tracey Runs for Office 1832

Chapter Six - St. Colomban, Mid 1830s

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