Musha Ryu Aikijutsu Okuden Waza-No-Kata

Volume 3

Sankyo Waza-No-Kata

By: Stu Fanning

Copyright 2013

Smashwords Edition

Musha Ryu Aikijutsu is a traditional martial arts system, with an emphasis on effective personal development and self-protection. Aikijutsu is characterized by smooth flowing throws, joint-locks, submissions, chokes, strikes, and low level kicks. Founded by the Takeda Clan almost 900 years ago, Aikijutsu maintains the traditional values of its warrior heritage, values such as honor, loyalty, courage, and respect. For more information see the Musha Ryu Aikijutsu manual; which includes the core techniques, tactics, and principles of this particular system of Aikijutsu.

The techniques presented in this manual are intended to be used by practitioners of Musha Ryu Aikijutsu to supplement the core techniques found in the Musha Ryu Aikijutsu Manual. There are seven principle techniques found within which are arranged into seven core kata. In total 224 Waza (techniques) are represented within these Kata.

The term “Okuden” is often used to mean “advanced” or “secret” teachings in the Japanese martial arts. In this instance it should be thought of as an advanced study of the applications of the core techniques for there are no “secret” teachings in Musha Ryu Aikijutsu. These kata are useful tools for developing the students understanding of technique in Aikijutsu. Within each Kata, students will learn to apply the technique against a number of different attacks. The following is a list of the kata presented herein:

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