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Living without Knowing Who You Are

Travis E. Breeding

Published by Travis Breeding at Smashwords.

Copyright Travis Breeding

All Rights Reserved.

1 Asperger’s Syndrome

2 The Aspie Mind

3 Boosting Self-Esteem Through Imagination

4 Make Believe World Leads To A Coping Mechanism

5 Fantasyland As A Dream Job

6 My Mind Does Not Work Like Yours

7 Inside My Mind Again

8 Applied Behavior Analysis Bridges The Gap

9 Importance of Teaching Self-Esteem

10 Anything You Can Do I Can Too

11 My First Friend

12 What Friendship Is Not

13 Autism: Social Thinking and Context

14 Autism and Social Networking Sites

15 My Journal Entries

16 Asperger’s Syndrome Part II

17 The Aspie Mind: Two Worlds In One

18 Sex

19 Sex and Hollywood

20 Special Interest Can Play A Role

21 Self Esteem with Imagination

22 Make Believe World Leads To A Coping

23 Fantasyland: My Dream Job Part II

24 My Brain Does Not Work Like Yours

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