Submit to Purpose

By B.L. Johns

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Copyright 2013 B.L. Johns

Short story series in order:

Submit to Fate

Submit to Purpose

Submit to Patience (Coming Soon)

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"Predisposed to faint in stressful situations". "Previous diagnosis - anxiety disorder", the ER doctor wrote on my discharge paper above a referral to mental health. She couldn’t tell me where my memory had run off to. If only all of my episodes ended with a bout of amnesia. I’d rather not remember a damn thing. Travis stayed home with me for two weeks. He didn’t do much. The meds kept me lethargic the entire time. “Don’t forget. Take the pills”, was the last thing he said before I left for my “time alone to think” road trip. "Not a chance in hell", I replied, then I sped away on my Harley. We agreed to cancel the wedding, although he has been telling everyone we postponed. He said he can wait until the time is right. I should have replied, “Don’t bother”.

San Francisco weather is perfect in the summer. Better than the relentless heat in Phoenix. I took the most scenic route possible, cutting across 101 to Pacific Coast Highway. Yesterday I spent all day lying on the beach in Santa Barbara. The sunset reminded me of a sunflower I carved in balsa when I was a young girl. My father gave me my first set of wood tools when I was nine. Judy, his wife, wanted a little girl with pretty pink dresses, dolls, purses and play make up. I liked some of the girly things. I was mostly into hanging out in the woodshop with my father. Judy never showed interest in our hobby. She would clean out my closet yelling while tossing toys around. “You are a waste of money little girl! May as well shop for you at a god damn hardware store. Bet you'd like that, huh? I'm sure your father would!" The woman was the purest bitch on earth. I would often laugh and curse back at her in my mind. If nothing else, she influenced my profane mouthing abilities which came in handy in my teens. Leaving that witch was the best decision my father ever made. He lost a fortune in the divorce. But he seemed to be content without her.

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