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“My ex seemed to enjoy it.” Mike said and took another swig. The waitress was at the table next to them. Mike examined his bottle and decided it was time enough to order another before he ran out. “Miss. Can we get another round here?” he said.

She finished writing on the napkin and turned around and saw what Mike and Al were drinking and nodded to Mike.

The two went on to discuss other topics but primarily they kept coming back to women and sex. The waitress came momentarily with their order and collected the money from Al who was buying this round. She smiled at him and left. After #3 was done Mike left. Al was still halfway through the last one.

Being nearly finished he was going to leave before he had too much to drink. Generally he only had 2 before going home, that being what he considered his limit before getting drunk but tonight they had stayed a while and ate a hot dog and some grubby fries. The waitress came by again.

“More?” She asked politely.

Al waved her off. She stopped and looked at him. He looked up at her and she said rather quietly, “I get off at 11.” And offered him a napkin. He took it and looked – it had her name and number on it.

“What time do you get home?” Al asked.

“About 11:30” Dana said.

“I’ll call. Thanks.” Al said and gave her a smile.


At 11:40 Al called Dana. They talked for nearly two hours. He found out that she had three kids and a deadbeat ex-husband who had ended up in jail. She was getting food stamps and trying to make ends meet as a waitress. She didn’t consider herself a hooker and didn’t really want to do that for a living but she considered Al a clean looking man and was willing to have sex with him for money. She made it clear to him that she didn’t want a man for the relationship aspect of it and didn’t need the sex but did enjoy sex. She was tired of men but the money sounded good. Besides that Al would pay her cash. They agreed upon a payment schedule and what she would and wouldn’t do for him. Scat was strictly out as was three way and animal sex. However she understood that a man who had better than average looks could get pussy anywhere for nearly free and that she would have to provide him with that which wasn’t as easily obtainable. Primarily this was to be as his submissive sex slave for a weekend, or night, and to allow him to explore his anal sex fetish, spanking fetish and enema fetish. She had done anal sex before and didn’t find it that bad.

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