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by June Dal

Copyright 2013 by June Dal

Smashwords Edition

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by June Dal from an original story by Stewart Robertson

Mighty was the mission of the slender girl scurrying from one protective cover to the next. Her eyes constantly scanned the deceptively peaceful territory around her. She well knew the dangers, and the predators who would rip her precious discovery from her grasp. There were many that would steal her golden treasure. She’d been robbed of her victory before and would be again, but this time she was determined to keep what was hers.

All too soon, the girl’s path led to a large shopping plaza. Here she paused and warily surveyed the milling shoppers. The streets of Florant's capital city were even more crowded than usual. There was to be a ducal wedding soon, and visitors from all over the duchy had descended on the city for the celebration. So many rich newcomers meant even more thieves milled among the unwary. The city was more dangerous than it had ever been. The girl understood that.

To get to her goal, she would have to leave her hiding spot and cross the open space. This would be when the wolves would pounce. Cut-purses, pick-pockets, all manner of toughs and villains hunted here. The question was not if an attack would come, but what form it would take.

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