The Last Mission

by William P. Kennedy

The Last Mission

A Novel

All Rights Reserved © 2013 by William P. Kennedy

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In Memory of Francis J. Kennedy

First Lieutenant, United States Army Air Force

March, 1943

Scott found the rubble irresistible. The rear brick wall was still more than a story high, its top an uneven course that looked like the rampart of a castle. There were split rafters to climb and enough debris piled up so he could easily look out from the highest point over his imagined kingdom. Or he could go down to the dungeons. The concrete flooring had collapsed on top of vertical posts and was suspended like the canvas of a tent. He could go down under it, and then follow any of the tunnels created by the random fall of the bricks. One of the tunnels opened into a large space, illuminated by streaks of light. Scott could pretend it was light through the barred window of a prison cell.

He knew he had to be careful. The bomb blast had undermined the entire structure, so there were constant rock slides of debris down into the tunnels. The side walls were leaning inward, as if they might collapse at any moment. Local wardens had decided it was too dangerous for amateurs to raze and left it for professional demolition crews. All they had done was rope off the area and post “danger” signs at every corner.

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