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They say it takes a lot to win … and even more to lose.”

-The Grateful Dead

These days, many of us are re-defining what it means to win.

Our over-busy lives and a fast-paced 24/7 world place many demands on us in “the here and now” and at a very heavy price. That price is our future. Workers around the world are literally being eaten alive by the pressure of balancing daily responsibilities, short term demands, and long term goals.

I should know… the stress landed me in the ER… three times, and the operating room once. There’s nothing like a stress test on a treadmill, staring at a mortality chart, to give you a little life perspective.

So, what exactly is this 60 Second Strategist book about anyway?

And why would I open a strategy book with a quote from a rock band?

Is this just another gimmick of outrageous claims in a feeble attempt to sell a book? You tell me.

Is it a gimmick when an ER physician can re-start your stopped heart in less than 60-seconds?

Is it a gimmick when a US Army Infantry squad can clear out a terrorist hideout and secure enemy prisoners without sustaining a casualty… in less than 60-seconds?

Is it a gimmick when a team of fire fighters enters a burning house on the brink of collapse and rescues a trapped family… in less than 60-seconds?

60 seconds is a lot of time if you train your mind and body to react quickly, efficiently, and effectively.

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