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Moan Lisa

Published by Mermaid Press at Smashwords

Public Domain

As I set about unraveling your mind, the twists and

turns as if it were your skin and I were caressing every

inch of it, and I would cradle you in the twilight's

Fire, open up my wounds and bleed over you; as if you

Were my ghost and I was sentenced to be unfaithful to

you; while you made love to me in the mire, in the pit

of the fallen angels; and we knotted our hair in tangles

Each offering of death becomes your face unfolded in my

Mind, and as decay begins to strain away all of the

child within my womb; within my heart, and I steady

myself before the fall; waiting for that triumphant

Gasp of air to be let out; waiting for your sinister

Stare, the only revival to my form that I have ever

known; let's plead for our redemption; let us pray on a

bed of ivy, and replace all of our innocence with gold

While this small bird recedes into the west, and places

Her mark upon our fists; and on our breasts; and in

our minds, refusing our attempts to stand and know

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