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Star is a brilliant tour de force through love bonds that were forged during the time of Akhenaton, strengthened during the reign of Henry XIII, and then climaxed in New York during the September 11 fall of the World Trade Center. The connections between various time periods are compelling and brilliantly wrought, yet what stands out in this wonderful novel is love. Friend’s subtle portrayals of love relationships from both the male and female perspective are deep and thought provoking. If you want to read a tale that gives you great insight into male and female romances flowing through karma and history, read this book!

Barbara Hand Clow: Author of The Mind Chronicles Trilogy, an exploration of past lives over 100,000 years.


Marie Friend

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2010 Marie Friend


Dear Reader,

Before you settle down to enjoy this book I have a couple of questions for you. Question one: Do you ever wonder as to the amount of time (as we know it) that mankind has been searching for the truth to its existence?

The reality is that nobody really knows the truth as to where we came from except maybe, just maybe people who have ‘died.’ Try to imagine if you will the millions of years that our world has been in existence, and the eons that humans have walked on Earth. Did Neanderthal man wonder why he was here and where he was going? Can anyone remember that far back?

Although I was raised in the Protestant system of the Church of England, I’m one of those people who firmly believe in reincarnation of the Soul. Reincarnation is the theme of my story.

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