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Now most women will look away when they feel a man’s eyes on them. They know that to look back for more than a moment is an invitation to be approached. Her second, furtive look indicated an interest, and nervousness. It intrigued me, grabbing my attention and making me look at her more carefully.

She was a well-dressed, middle-aged women, probably around 45 or 50. Her expensive-looking business suit and her general bearing signaled an upper middle class background. The open jacket to her suit revealed a pair of substantial breasts, which set high on her chest and greatly enhanced her femininity. It seemed to me that her blouse was a little tighter than it needed to be.

When I give a woman a second look I always check her legs and ankles. Slender calves and ankles whet my appetite for further exploration. This woman in her sheer stockings and four inch heels passed my inspection. I wondered what she was doing there.

My name is Sam, and I am the CEO and owner of my own advertising agency. I employee some twenty people—account executives, writers, artists, web site designers, and others—and we occupy two floors in a high rise office building in a large city. On this morning I had arrived as usual at about ten o’clock and was looking forward to interviewing a number of young ladies for the job as my personal assistant.

I had given specific instructions to Karen, my human resources manager, about the kind of person I wanted. My personal assistant had to be female, young, pretty, and above all accommodating to my every wish. Being rich and powerful meant little if you could not take advantage of the situation to indulge your passions. Karen was well aware of my sexual tastes, as she shared many of them. Her management position in my company was due in part to her willingness to play all sorts of sexual games with me.

The first thing I did on entering my corner office was to pick up the phone and call Karen. “Well, have you lined up some suitable applicants for me to interview today?”

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