How to Use Your Computer to Keep to a Health Plan

By Earnest Long

Copyright 2017 Earnest Long

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Chapter 1, Applications

If you are following a health plan, you often want to sleep better, eat healthily and do more exercise. Also, you want to keep your house clean. The health plan you have might be under the headings, diet, exercise, hygiene and sleep. And you want to use your computer and the tools it offers to research online and to write a daily healthy living plan for you to keep to and benefit from. On your computer, you have programs, such as spreadsheets and word processors. In either, you can have headings, categories, lists, notes and numerical figures. You have formatting tools and editing tools, you can do calculations and you can print. Or you can make other changes, such as increasing 'data entry' or typing speed. And you can organize and change your files so they are easier to use and have a better look and feel.

The basic criteria for having a spreadsheet or WP file are that it is useful to you and you continue to find it useful to you. When it is no longer useful to you, you are demotivated to keep it and there is no good reason to keep it as well. You can change the data you record. And you can change the program as well. The usefulness of the information you get has to balance out against the time and effort to record data, to do data entry and the time and effort to preview information and reports.

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