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Edward Renown Interplanetary Superstar

Kenneth Guthrie

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2013 Lunatic Ink Publishing

Editor's Note:

Sure, it's crass, but you know you love it.

Beer Belly Retraining Effort 500 and 1.

"Yeah, YEAH. You see da---t, baby... That's some hot as super abs. I'm SO DAMN SEXY. Can ya feel me?"

The weather lady doesn't respond. She never does.

A chubby man the shape of a large gummy bear and twice as hairy dances like a manic in front of the TV. His fat feet pound left to right, while his arms shake about in circles of almost enthusiastic floppiness.


He stops dead still.

"Mah, you're kidding..." he flaps out of his hairy mouth.

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