The Diary

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In my travels, I sometimes didn’t have a lot of money, many times I actually had none. One of those times was the few weeks I spent exploring Salem Massachusetts. I kept a small tent in my backpack and I was hiking up in the woods outside of town to find a quiet spot to bed down for the night. I generally looked for a clearing so that I had a unobstructed view of the sky, once you get far enough away from the city lights the stars are really beautiful and I loved going to sleep under a thick blanket of them.

I found a clearing, but I also found something else that I didn’t expect, what was left of a very old cabin. It wasn’t much, the outer walls were pretty much intact as well as the stone fireplace and chimmney but most of the roof and the inner walls had given up with the passage of time. There was only one room that remained in decent shape probably owing to the fact that it was under the section of roof that had held up the best.

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