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Immortal Ecstasy

Lanette Curington

A nymph in disguise...

A mercenary in discomfort...

Love discovered by the power of...

Immortal Ecstasy

Disguised as a male, the nymph Daphnis seeks out Leuc to convince him not to aid the threat to her village, but she doesn't count on falling in love with him. Leuc has never been attracted to another male, but finds himself drawn to Daphnis. He has yet to learn that appearances can be deceiving, especially when a nymph with the power of glamour is involved.

Greek myth historical fantasy romance novella, approx. 30,000 words or 100 pages.

Includes bonus short story, Immortal Blush.

Immortal Ecstasy was previously published.

Author's Note: A stade is a unit of measurement derived from "stadium", the length of the arena where runners raced in the ancient Olympics and equal to 192 meters. One stade is 0.11930326891 mile or approximately one-tenth of a mile, five stades about half a mile, and ten stades about a mile.

Published by Silver Heart Books

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