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The Last Day With My Friends (In The Marble Orchard)

Raymond Daley

Copyright 1/2/13 by Raymond Daley

Smashwords Edition

"Kinda quiet, ain't they?" quips my shadow, still observant as ever. He's not a clever man. I wouldn't call him stupid though, merely ignorant perhaps.

"Keep it down over there man, I was promised no interruptions." I'm annoyed that he feels the need to say anything, especially to me. I don't want him here but I'm a prisoner now and this was my last wish, as long as I wanted in this place by myself with my friends.

They're all here, I put each man and woman here myself with my own two hands. Shadow doesn't know that of course, he merely knows that they are my friends, he knows they displeased The Regime in one way or another.

And that is all he needs to know.

"How long have I got left?" I know the answer but I want to hear him say it.

"My orders were to give you as long as you need or want. When you're ready to leave, we'll go." Shadow knows he must wait, his patience is strong but far from infinite.

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