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Praise for Lucian Barnes

DESTINED FOR DARKNESS - "Gruesome and intriguing, mixed with the awkwardness of real life!"

R&M Fab Reviews

DESOLACE - "Chilling, spine-tingling, and other-worldy! Author Lucian Barnes captivates your inner curiosity which compels you to keep on reading. Desolace takes the reader on a whirlwind spin from the real world we know, of serial killers and grisly crime to a dark, fantasy world of enslavement and robotic takeover. A cliff hanger, leaving the reader to wonder if there is more to come and if all the unanswered questions will finally be answered. Will the serial killer, dubbed “the headhunter” ever be caught? Will Julie, his most recent abductee be found, ALIVE?!…or in pieces? DESOLACE, book one, in a series of books by Author Lucian Barnes in his continuing saga of murder, time portals, and an underworld preparing for world domination!”

RAM Book Reviews

HAVEN - "A strong heroine, awesome narration, unique voice, and vivid dialogue make this book the "perfect" read.

After the first few chapters, the stage is set for a rip-roaring supernatural thriller that will keep you anxiously turning the pages. Our heroine, Katie hunts for Julie and will stop at nothing. Katie dives into a supernatural world that kept me glued to my kindle screen for hours. This author delivers an adrenaline pumping thriller and spellbinding tale with vampires and werewolves that will leave you howling for more. And I won't even get into the 'bugs'! Especially beetles!

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