Continent of Minds

Rychie D

Published by Rychie D at Smashwords.

Copyright 2013 Rychie D

A blind lady weaves

The son of a daughter breathes

A panting dog

The unexplainable expansion of a frog

A leak in a roof

A metaphor for child abuse

Wet wipes

The labour of late night fights

A suicidal dragonfly

A wealthy businessman walks on by

No time for the other

Forgetting we are all

Mother or brother

A broken table lies on its side

A drunk takes it in his stride

The table talks but no one listens

The man drinks

His empty glass glistens

The glass and the table have nothing in common

Neither talks they are both so stubborn

An awkward silence descends on the room

All to be swept away by a broom

A story of a glass

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